Monday, 18.08.2003: Added eight more skeletals, same place ;)

Sunday, 17.08.2003: Nine skeletal reconstructions at Artwork page.

Wendesday, 13.08.2003: Five skull reconstructions at Artwork page.

Monday, 11.08.2003: Heaps on new images at Artwork page.



Wendesday, 20.02.2002: I have updated the accessability between the pages with a mini-menu, and made a mini-data window in all the pages
within the art section, which is allso usefull of browsing the complete cladogram.

Monday, 18.02.2002: Updated the A-Z with the sauropod Ferganasaurus verzilini. The taxonomy of this
Sauropod is unresolved and problematic, but so far, it's a Neosauropod, probably as advanced as Diplodocidae or even Macronaria.

Saturday, 16.02.2002: I have added the basic troodontid Sinovenator to Troodontidae, and moved that group to within the
Deinonychosauria as indicated by those who excamined the new species. And Updated the A-Z

Tuesday, 05.02.2002: Update in the A-Z. 4 names, in A, H, I and M. Saturday, 02.02.2002: I have added images to the Artwork page, and a new section: Special. Hope you Enjoy it!
This is allso the day, when we bid Syntarsus farewell, and Megapnosaurus welcome. The name Syntarsus turned out to be
preoccupied by a beetle of some kind, so the new name is officially Megapnosaurus rhodesinensis and Megapnosaurus kayentakatae.



Wendesday, 30.01.2002: I re-announce the incoming artwork, 25 images, including pencil and skeleton,
along with the opening of a new section, with two subsections. Coming very soon!
The reason why color pictures will not be indexed yet, are simply time. They will come, only not yet. I will allso index another series of about 30 B&W images before that time.

Sunday, 30.12.2001: Changed the dubious family Mamenchisauridae, to the valid vamily Euhelopidae, and added species.

Thursday, 20.12.2001: In the right christmas spirit, I've locked all the images to this site, for copyright protection reasons.
If any webmaster out there feel that they could use any of the images
they are free to mail me a request

Saturday, 15.12.2001: Added two little critters on the front page

Wendesday, 12.12.2001: Added Avialae to the cladogram. I finally figured
that they deserve the right to be included, just like all other dinosaur groups. Neornithes, however, would just take up too much space
and is excluded, with a referance to Keesey's Dinosauricon for a simplified cladogram of Neornithes.

Sunday, 09.12.2001: Added two new dinosaur species to the A-Z list: Pukyongosaurus millenniumi(Euhelopid, see Sauropoda) and Heilongjiangosaurus jiayiensis (hadrosaur).

Friday, 07.12.2001: Did some slight text additions to various pages within the pages in the Artwork section and the Cladogram pages.

Thursday, 06.12.2001: Gave Opisthocoelicaudia back it's place in the Titanosauria.
Opened a 'Complete' Cladogram w. picture links, see the extra entry in the Cladogram page.
A new series of illustrations to the page is being made. Unless i get killed by a meteor or something, the new pics will be out in a couple of weeks,
and they include a couple of life restorations (mostly herbivores) and a couple of skull restorations.



Friday, 30.11.2001: A-Z list, with all genera and species is open for audience. Enjoy, and please advice me if you find mistakes, or lacks.

Wendesday, 28.11.2001: Updated Spinosauria; included the genus Angaturama limayi into Irritator challengeri, this because Irritator is known from a spinosaurid snout-less skull from Brazil, while Angaturama is known from a spinosaurid snout from Brazil.
Updated Coelophysoidea; Included the Genus and Species Shuvosaurus inexpectatus, previously thought to be a thecodont of some kind, but now re-described as a toothless coelophysoid.
Updated Troodontidae; Added Archaeornithoides deinosaricus as a dubious species; previously thought to be a tiny spinosaurid (due to unserrated teeth).
Updated Torvosauridae; Added Marshosaurus bicentissimus as a dubious species.
Updated Deinonychosauria; Movind Adasaurus mongoliensis one step closer Avialae.
The last update was done in the main cladogram, adding Protarchaeopteryx robusta as a dubious basal "Enigmosaur".

Sunday, 25.11.2001: Added Euoplocephalus tutus to Artwork section.
I have allso finished the Cladogram, so that one is now considered completely open.
The A-Z is still under construction, and will be published all in once.

Saturday, 24.11.2001: Finished cladogram for the entire Theropoda.

Thursday, 22.11.2001: These indexes has been added: Cladograms, A-Z, Artwork, Guestbook, Links and Messages.
Cladograms and A-Z are only indexes yet, and the subpages will be put online, hopefully, during this and next week.
Artwork, Links and Guestbook are fully functional, and so is, of course, this page.

Wendesday, 21.11.2001: This site is opened, containing only the index page.




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